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Workplaces. We all work in one. However, it is sometimes tricky to understand how a workplace can both positively and negatively impact on the health and performance of individual workers. It is therefore useful to understand how a workplace and/or a workstation can be enhanced to optimise both the function, health and the performance of those working within it. 

Our workplace assessments (Nordic Rehab assessors cover Solihull and Birmingham) are aimed at individuals with disabilities or who are recovering from injuries or surgery. Our assessment will look at all aspects of the individual job, including duties, tools and work environment, with a view of identifying any risks and opportunities to their performance and health. We aim to provide simple and cost effective solutions where workplace shortcomings are identified. 


Our goal is always to help an employer reduce the risks to worker health and achieve the best performance of staff. Our specialist work physiotherapists have qualifications in ergonomics and are experienced in helping organisations identifying and fixing problems in the workplace. We have worked with a myriad of organisations, and helped tyre fitters, warehouse operatives, factory workers, fire fighters, health professionals and teachers (amongst others!) to carry out their job more efficiently and with less risk to their health. 


Nordic Rehab also carries out full ergonomic assessments - which typically looks at larger groups of people and more than one workstation. 


  • A workplace assessment is very useful to help objectively understand the job and job environment of workers.

  • Workplace assessments will help identify potential risks and opportunities to the health and work function of workers. 

  • By understanding the risks and opportunities, workstations and workplaces can be improved upon to reduce the risks to employee health and to enhance their work function and productivity. 

  • By eliminating any risks within a workstation or workplace more employees will be able to work at the workstation and workplace, including employees with disabilities. 

  • Workplace assessments are essential to ensure that organisations comply with the Equality Act (2010) and to ensure diversity within the organisation.


  • A workplace assessment is normally carried out for one employee, although we also cover assessments of larger workplaces. 

  • We will always interview both the employee and management to understand the background of the referral and identify the goals of the assessment. Sometimes it is useful to carry out a physiotherapy assessment or a functional capacity assessment of the worker prior to carrying out the workplace assessment. 

  • A workplace or work station walk through will be carried out, getting an overview of what the employee is required to do at work, how they get to and from areas at their workplace etc.

  • An in-depth task analysis is then carried out, and different aspects of the job are measured in regards to posture, load, repetition, tools, environment amongst other criteria. 

  • Opportunities and limitations of the workstation or workplace will be identified and detailed in a thorough report. 

  • The report will also contain sensible and economical recommendations to ensure compliance to regulations, and to highlight how the workplace or workstation can be enhanced to ensure that the employee can safely, efficiently and productively carry out their job.

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