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Have you or a loved one suffered a stroke? Here at Nordic Rehab Ltd, we are proud to offer stroke physiotherapy and rehabilitation as part of our home service in Solihull and Birmingham. 


Stroke rehabilitation physiotherapy is incredibly valuable and effective for patients who have suffered from a stroke. We can help you or a loved one recover lost function and also reduce the risk of further strokes.


A stroke; often called a CVA; occurs when the blood supply to your brain is blocked or cut off. Typically this is due to a blood clot or a bleed. This will cause brain cells to die, altering the brains function. A stroke is a medical emergency and the faster the person is treated, the better the outlook for recovery. 


It is important to remember that anyone can have a stroke. In fact, one in four strokes in the UK happens to people of working age. Did you know that every year more than 100,000 people have a stroke in the UK? (The Stroke Association, 2019). 


Medical risk factors are:

  • high blood pressure 

  • diabetes 

  • atrial fibrillation

  • high cholesterol 


It is important to diagnose these conditions and take appropriate GP directed action.


Lifestyle risk factors are: 

  • smoking

  • excessive alcohol intake

  • being overweight

  • an unhealthy diet


These lifestyle choices are within our control and changes should be made in order to keep your risk as low as possible. We at Nordic Rehab can help you achieve changes in these areas. Changing your life habits, even after suffering a stroke, will help reduce the risk for future strokes and related ill-health. 


There are a variety of symptoms and problems arising from having a stroke. The extent of these depends on the severity of the stroke, as well as where in your brain the blockage occurred. 


Stroke survivors may suffer from weakness or paralysis on one side of body, balance problems, muscle spasms or numbness, joint pains or stiffness. The result can be a loss of everyday function and things that you used to take for granted. Getting about in your life, walking, getting up and down stairs, cooking and cleaning, personal care, partaking in hobbies… the list goes on. 


Physiotherapy can thankfully help with all of these issues, and we are experienced with helping stroke survivors improve their function and quality of life. 


Nordic Rehab will help you relearn patterns of movement and recover lost abilities. We will help you with weight shifting, core stability and gait improvement. If pain is an issue we can work with you to help reduce discomfort. We will work with you and your family to help achieve your goals, however big or small. If realistic, we will get you walking further and more easily, bringing your confidence and independence back.


We are not tied to a certain number of sessions. Rehabilitation with us can continue as long as you are seeing benefits and that you are achieving your evolving goals.


Maybe you are awaiting NHS physio? In these stretched times, we can help and be flexible in the interim. Nordic Rehab will look with you at your priorities and personal goals. We will focus your treatment on where you want it to go and your hopes for the future.


Contact us now and let’s start working together to regain the function you have lost.

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