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 Highly Experienced Team | Specialist Rehabilitation in your Home | Available 5 Days a Week



Nordic Rehab offers a COPD physiotherapy service at home for clients in Solihull and local areas. Nordic Rehab’s team of experienced and chartered physiotherapists is available to help patients suffering from any respiratory condition, including COPD.  

Why waste your time and energy on travelling? Want to take the hassle out of public transport or finding a parking space? Let a Nordic Rehab physio treat you in the comfort of your own home.

Nordic Rehab offer a flexible service and we understand the needs of patients with long term complex respiratory conditions. We appreciate that gaining confidence and building trust in a therapist takes time and consistency.  We are not restricted in terms of the number of treatment sessions that we can offer, this enables us to support you to carry out and adapt as necessary your pulmonary programme for as long as you require.



One of the main symptoms for COPD is breathlessness, often people think that gradually becoming breathless is a normal part of aging. Breathlessness affects 10% of the population, and 30% of older people. Occasionally getting out of breath is healthy and normal, but persistent breathlessness doing everyday tasks, such as walking up the stairs or hoovering the house, is a sign that something might not be quite right.


There are several causes of COPD. You can develop it after severe lung infection, or it can come on due to allergies and sensitivity to pollutants.


Please click here for a full overview from the NHS on causes and symptoms.


Following an in depth assessment, our highly specialist physiotherapists will provide a bespoke and graded pulmonary rehabilitation programme. This programme will be centred on your individual goals, returning to activities and improving your quality of life.   


The treatment may be hands on (eg manual vibrations or percussion) to help you breathe easier and to clear secretions. It can be useful for you and your family members to have knowledge in how to carry out such treatment yourself, and - if wished- our physios can teach you and your family how to perform such techniques safely.


Simple body or arm positioning can be very useful in the treatment for a variety of COPD conditions, whether this to help clear your chest or just to help aid your breathing. We can educate you and help with such positioning to improve your condition. 


Positive airway pressure can also be very helpful for people who struggle with their breathing. Have you ever tried to face a desk fan (keep it a few inches away from your face) when breathing? This is the simplest form of positive airway pressure. This simple trick helps many people take a deeper and easier breath if they struggle with their breathing. Sometimes people need more air pressure, and your GP or hospital may  be able to aid you with this. 


Breathing exercises....there are many breathing techniques that will help you breathe more easily and help you clear secretions. Our Nordic Rehab YouTube channel is updated on a regular basis and have some breathing exercises that you can try out.  


Don't forget: Exercise is the best form of lung treatment! Walking, swimming and cycling are good examples of such exercise. However, if your functional levels are not as good as they used to be, some simple and regular seated leg and arm exercises can for some people be sufficient to help their breathing.  

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