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Mr X contacted Nordic Rehab himself. He had recently moved to a nursing home following a history of falls and a stay in hospital. He was currently unable to stand. He needed two carers to support him to sit and also to transfer from bed to chair. He was very worried that his condition was getting worse, not better. After a chat, Mr X told us he had two goals – to walk and to return home.

Nordic Rehab physio Kate visited Mr X at the respite home. He was very weak and had global deconditioning. Due to these factors, standing on this first visit was impossible. Physio Kate discussed this empathetically with Mr X. As an alternative, she did therapeutic bed exercises with him. These don’t require the client to stand, but aid comfort, flexibility and mobility of the limbs.

Mr X was then shown some exercises that he could carry out independently. Physio Kate targeted the lower body (in line with his request to be able to walk again). The exercises she recommended were:

  • Pelvic tilting

  • Knee rolling

  • Hip / knee flexion

  • Isometric knee extension in long sitting


Mr X carried out these exercises very thoroughly and when physio Kate returned for the next session, his muscular body strength was much improved. The care staff were very helpful and reported positively about his progress.  

On this visit, Mr X was able to transfer from chair to bed, using a frame and the assistance of two carers. Mr X was extremely pleased with this visible show of progress and so was physio Kate! Mr X again expressed his desire to return home at the earliest opportunity. This time the rehab involved upper and lower limb strengthening work. During this session Mr X spoke to physio Kate about his fear and anxiety about falling again, and she added in some posture and balance techniques to reassure him.

Mr X needed postural reminding and lots of small breaks but the session was really successful and Mr X seemed very positive afterwards. A follow up plan of exercises was left with Mr X to complete independently:

  • Sit to standing practise from the bed / chair (using the frame for support)

  • Independent static standing. (Releasing the frame for short periods)

  • Marching on the spot (using the frame for support)

  • Side stepping towards the left and right (using the frame)

The next visit was to be Mr X’s final session with Nordic Rehab. He had gone from strength to strength and was now able to stand using only a frame. His ‘sitting out’ tolerance had also greatly increased and Mr X had been able to partake independently in the community aspects of the respite home which had given him a boost. The care staff informed physio Kate that he was to move back home at the end of the week. This was great news all round. Mr X had achieved a huge amount in a short space of time, this was down to his determination and his dedicated attitude to completing his physio exercises accurately and frequently.

If Mr X requires us at any point in the future, we will be delighted to help him again.

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