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Have you ever wondered how your physique compares to other people’s ? Are you are able to run for miles, are stronger than most, more flexible and perhaps more dexterous? If so, we in Nordic Rehab advise following this link to the Team GB website ( ) where you may be better served than having an FCA through our company :)     


However, if you or a worker has a disability or are suffering functional limitations due to a chronic condition,  then a Nordic Rehab FCA (available in Solihull and Birmingham) would be perfect. This type of assessment is a specific method of assessing work disability and ability, and objectively verifies what people are and are not able to do. 

Wouldn't it be great to gain a full understanding of your or an employees actual physical ability?  


Our specialist occupational health physiotherapists will safely guide clients through several specific functional tests. These tests are picked from a large tool box and will be chosen depending on the job the client may be required to do. Some of the activities we may want to assess are: walking speed, dexterity, strength, balance, endurance and range of movement. 


All our assessors are highly experienced, chartered physiotherapists who are able to refine the assessment to a specialist level, and make accurate recommendations, based on the medical conditions of our clients. 


Finally, we produce a GDPR compliant report for our client and their employer, highlighting what they are able and not able to do. 


Such assessments are ideal as a baseline for: 


  • Helping people return to work.

  • Deciding whether a job is suitable for an employee.

  • Identifying suitable work activity for employees.


  • To make sure that employees are able to carry out all aspects of their job role.

  • To identify a suitable job role for employees with disabilities. 

  • To understand the employee’s functional opportunities and limitations. 

  • To keep employees with disabilities safe in the workplace. 

  • To help people safely back to work. 

  • To have an accurate record of function, which can be reliably re-measured at a later stage.


  • Typically employees with disabilities, or chronic conditions, are referred for such assessment by their HR department or management. As part of the referral we sometimes ask, if applicable, for a full description and overview of the employees job role. Please note that it can be useful to carry out a workplace assessment (internal link for workplace assessment) if we are asked to comment specifically on the suitability of a job role.

  • All FCA’s involves a full face to face specialist physiotherapy assessment. The whole assessment can take up to 1.5 hours. 

  • We utilise a vast number of valid and reliable functional tests to assess our clients overall function.

  • Based on the assessment a GDPR compliant report will be created and shared with our client and the referrer.

  • The report will contain in detail what our client is able and not able to do. We will point out functional opportunities and limitations. If required we can also comment on whether specific job roles are suitable or not, although we may need to carry out a workplace assessment first. 

  • Based on our assessment we will also be able to comment on whether or not the condition of the client is covered under the Equality Act (2010) and the prognosis of the condition and the clients function. i.e. will this get better in the foreseeable future?

If you are interested in finding out more about our assessments or like to refer somebody for a Functional Capacity Assessment, please contact us today.

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