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For any type of organisation within Solihull or Birmingham

The vast majority of injuries, niggles and pains recover within a few days to a few weeks. Many employees will be able to carry on with their normal job whilst recovering. However, sometimes it may be necessary for the employee to temporarily carry out alternative work duties in order to prioritise their recovery. 


Nordic Rehab Ltd will advise the employer and the employee the range of duties the employee can safely carry out and advise on timescales for returning to their normal work duties.  


There are times (fortunately rarely) when problems do not improve with rehabilitation or surgery, or the result is a functional disability. This situation can impact on the affected person’s ability to carry out their previous work duties. For example, If somebody has had a total knee replacement or a below knee amputation, they may not be able to be on their feet for a full shift. However, by having access to a chair to sit down in between jobs and regulated breaks, potential life changing surgery may not be such an obstacle to their previous role.

Nordic Rehab will assess the functional capability of the individual worker to help their employer identify suitable adaptations and alternatives to their current work role. If necessary, we will also look at the longer term options for you and your employee.


  • Gain an objective and accurate understanding of what the affected employee is able and not able to do at work.

  • Receive an objective prognosis for the problem, which will help identify potential short, medium or long term adaptations to work roles for the employee.  

  • Stay compliant to Health and Safety at Work Regulations. 

  • Stay compliant to GDPR practices with our confidential reporting system.

  • Minimise the risk for any worsening of problems due to non-optimal work arrangements.

  • Reduce staff turnover. 

  • Keep hold of experienced and valued staff.


The restricted worker management process is an extension of the works physiotherapy service. Beneficial for both the employee and the employer, Nordic Rehab will communicate straightforward and cost effective advice through our GDPR compliant reporting systems in how to optimally manage an injury or skeletal condition at work.


Nordic Rehab will look at adapted and alternative work duties for staff recovering from injuries or surgery. Rarely, there may be need for permanent adjustments. Our occupational health physiotherapists can then advise all parties in how to manage this at work by effectively identifying the functional capacity (i.e. what the person can and cannot do). This means that safe and suitable duties can be identified for the person. We can assess other job roles in your company ensuring that they are matched with the right employee.


We take a lot of pride in how we help the employee and employer in this process. Managing injuries or disabilities at work can be difficult for everybody. However, Nordic Rehab aims to take the stress out of the situation, helping everybody communicate and find optimal and effective solutions. 


Please give us a call or an email if you would like to discuss your business needs.

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