Are you an employer with staff working from home? 

Did you know that you still need to comply with the DSE (1992/2002) regulations and that your employees will need suitable equipment and environment to do their job safely and efficiently?

We can help you ensure that your employees are as productive and comfortable as possible over this ever extending time period. 

Working remotely (using Teams, Zoom, Facetime, Skype or similar) our ergonomically trained physiotherapists will ensure your employees workstations are set up correctly. We will work with the spaces they have and our suggestions will be sensible, practical and cost effective.  


A Nordic Rehab remote home worker assessment costs £100.00 and will last for 60 minutes. (We will also provide a report to the employer and the employee)

We are happy to discuss your specific needs and put together a competitive package for your business. Please give us a call on 0121 247 6181


Covid 19 and our world. Perhaps you are thinking of keeping your staff working from home for the foreseeable future. There are certainly benefits to this. Ensure you are compliant with legislation and getting the most from your staff by contacting us today.