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A Nordic Rehab Ltd service available for organisations in Solihull and Birmingham

Helping people back to work following an injury does not have to be hard. A bit of team-work will go a long way.


As long as everybody knows and agrees on the goal, how to reach this goal and how to help each other, the risk for failure is very limited. 


We like to kickstart the process by commencing specialist physiotherapy rehabilitation as soon as possible. This helps injuries get better faster and staff will be able to return to work safely and quickly.


Using GDPR compliant work fitness reporting, our specialist physiotherapists can assess a worker’s fitness and highlight their functional capacity and limitations. By sharing agreed information, we can ensure that everybody works together to safely aid people back to work. In addition, by making short term changes to the job role to encourage an early return to work, we prevent the risk for longer term absence. 


Even better, we know that work is healthy for people. By returning to work earlier, injuries recover faster. It is a



There are two primary types of musculoskeletal (MSK) absence:


  • Short Term Absence (up to 6 weeks) 

  • Long Term Absence (over 6 weeks)

Short term MSK absence tend to be pretty straight forward to manage. By applying Nordic Rehab concepts and evidence based practices - we kick-start the return to work process on first contact.

Long term MSK absence can sometimes be more complicated depending on the individual case and organisation. However, using our principles of best practice and effective team work, Nordic Rehab physios have an excellent track record in helping organisations lower their long term absence levels.  




Having a good understanding of your worker's job and work environment sits at the base of this. Our specialist physiotherapist will create a dialogue and understanding with your injured worker - it is not possible to effectively aid people back to work unless we know what they are required to do as part of their job, and the opportunities and limitations of the workplace. We often undertake a work role or work station assessment as part of this process.

Firstly we carry out a specialist physiotherapy assessment, then start the rehabilitation process and identify how to best help the person back to work at the earliest opportunity. Other times, if dealing with more chronic and unchanging conditions, asking for some information from the GP and/or consultant can help aid the return to work process. Very rarely, if the employee is not able to return to their previous role, alternative long term duties or redeployment may be an alternative - if this is feasible for the employer.

Data protection compliant communication is very important. Acting as a third party, our specialist physiotherapists write 'work fitness reports' (WFRs) to help the employer understand how to best help the individual worker safely back to work AND how to avoid any setbacks. There would not be much point helping people back to work if the result was needing more time off work. So, following the advice set out in the WFR’s is essential for both employee and employer.


Nordic Rehab ensures through effective and clear reports; that employer, employee and Nordic Rehab are in agreement with the return to work plan avoiding any confusion.

Contact us if you would like to talk to us about our employee absence management services and how we effectively can help your staff return to work.

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