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Nordic Rehab are specialise in carrying out assessments with people who suffer from loss of every day function. We aim to enable everybody to come to work and to carry out their job to an optimal level - whatever their condition or disability. Our disability assessment service is available for organisations in Solihull and Birmingham.


We have experience working with over 1000 clients across the UK, presenting with conditions varying from musculoskeletal conditions, such as back and neck pains, to more significant disabilities, such as spinal and head injuries, MS and fibromyalgia. We help people optimise their abilities at work, and we support their employer in getting the best out of their workforce. 


We like to think, based on feedback from our clients, that we are very skilled at supporting this area. If you or one of your employees struggle with a condition or disability, need tailored help in the work environment or need assistance to return to work, please let us know. 


We love helping people come to work and remain part of a productive team, no matter their condition and functional limitations.



Before we can carry out an appraisal we need to know what we are assessing. -Give us a ring and let us know any difficulties you or an employee may be experiencing. We will then give you advice over the phone as to the best type of assessment and the best way forward. We have over a decade of experience working with different organisations, helping them with disability in the workplace. Please contact us now and let us know how what you are struggling with and we will help you. 



During the assessment we meet with the employee at their place of work, whether this is at home, in their car or at their office. We will have an in depth conversation about the person’s condition, how it affects them, any day to day limitations, what treatment they have had and what their goals are. It is important to understand our client’s role in detail. This will range from their work hours to their work tasks, breaks, work tools, work environment - and more. As chartered physiotherapists we can also pick up on any opportunities to help our clients further their rehabilitation through simple exercises, postural education, lifestyle advice and so forth.


During the assessment we will look at our client workplace or work station in detail with a view of helping them - there and then- with optimising their function, and reducing any discomforts in their workplace. A simple rolled up towel in the small of the back will help back posture. Raising the computer screen on books to help people sit taller can reduce neck pain. We can also, if this helps our client do their job better, do a full re-organisation of their work station.


We will carry out measurements, take photos and then carry out sensible, business centred problem solving as required with our client and their employer. By the time our assessors leave, our aim is for the client to start feeling the benefits immediately. 


Following our assessment we will write a thorough, GDPR compliant report, detailing our findings, the identified problems and sensible, business centred, issue solving recommendations that will help our clients carry out their job more effectively and with less discomfort. This could be changes to their work equipment, alteration of their work station, changes to their work organisation and so forth. This report will be with our client and referrer within 5 working days. 

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