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Nordic Rehab Ltd offer respiratory physiotherapy assessment and breathing physiotherapy in the comfort of your own home. Our specialities are chronic lung problems such as COPD (asthma and similar), hyperventilation syndrome (when your breathing is too fast and you are finding it hard to take a deep breath) and restrictive lung conditions (such as pulmonary fibrosis). Our respiratory physiotherapy service is available in Solihull and local areas.


Have you been diagnosed with a lung problem and are having problems with your breathing or clearing your lungs? We can help you with this with our home based respiratory physiotherapy service. Our experienced, chartered physiotherapists will assess and identify an optimal management program to help you breathe easier. Literally.


Sometimes, some simple breathing exercises are sufficient to help people breathe easier. It all depends on the reason for your problems. Other times, when we are dealing with more significant lung conditions, hands on treatment and equipment to help with breathing is required. 


Our specialist respiratory physiotherapists will assess your condition based on the information you provide, information from your GP or other health professionals. We will listen to your lungs, assess your needs and look at your goals with you. We can then put together a plan and a program to help improve your breathing.


There are many lung conditions that impact on people’s lives. The most common lung condition is asthma. Asthma can occur in children and can be serious if not controlled properly. Always consult your GP if you think your child may be suffering from asthma. Some children grow out of their childhood asthma and are able to carry on with normal lives without the need for medication when they reach adulthood. 


Adults can also develop asthma problems. Smoking and air pollution can exacerbate this. If you think you are suffering from asthma, and you are a smoker, please speak to your GP about how to quit the habit. If you think your air environment may be impacting on your breathing, look at methods of changing your environment to stop irritating your lungs. 


People who have recovered from pneumonia or acute lung conditions can also develop asthma. Pneumonia can also cause scarring of the lung, which also can result in difficulties with your breathing. Simple breathing techniques to stretch the lungs and to maximise air entry to your lungs will normally help improve this condition.  


If you struggle with your breathing, and you are yet to see your GP, please make an appointment with them as soon as you can. If you are experiencing acute chest pains and difficulties with your breathing please call 999 for immediate advice..


A typical respiratory assessment involves taking a history from you, understanding your medical record, how your problems started and how these are impacting on your everyday life. We also really want to understand what you want to achieve through the physiotherapy treatment and program. Your goal may be able to walk for longer distances or be able to carry out activities your breathing is currently limiting. We will have a listen to your chest to understand how your lungs behave to to help direct our treatment program. We will also assess your breathing pattern, your chest expansion when breathing and any secondary problems such as neck and lower back problems. 

Here are some simple breathing techniques you can try if you are experiencing problems with your breathing, and you already have taken advice from your GP.


Diaphragmatic breathing: 

Clearing your chest from secretions:



We will help you, tell us your goals ....

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