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Here at Nordic Rehab we understand and promote the importance of good ergonomics. Working in a comfortable and supportive work environment is paramount to productivity. This is also the case if you or your work force spend a period of your working day in a car, van, lorry, bus or any other vehicle. 


  • Do you or your workers experience back, neck or shoulder pains as a result of spending time behind the wheel? 

  • Are you or your organisation thinking of changing your car fleet, but are not sure which will provide the best postural support and comfortable environment for your work force?  

We can help you. Nordic Rehab have over 12 years of experience in assessing vehicle ergonomics and have undertaken hundreds of individual vehicle assessments. We have also worked with two large UK organisations helping them make the ergonomic choice when picking fleet options for their work force. 


Have you ever spent a long period of time driving or sitting in an uncomfortable car seat? If yes, then you will know the answer to the above question. Prolonged sitting, whether in an office chair or car seat, is a major risk factor for back and other types of musculoskeletal pain. A constrained driving position and lack of breaks whilst driving makes that scenario even worse.  


Nordic Rehab’s experienced assessors take a detailed look at vehicle ergonomics - the adjustment possibilities of the vehicle, lumbar support, automatic transmission, depth adjustment of the steering column are just a few things we assess. The knowledge base of the driver is really important and we will educate and increase their awareness in how to stay healthy while on the road.


Nordic Rehab make sure that all factors are taken into consideration. We check that your vehicle fits with your or your employees body stature and postural requirements as well as ensuring that the vehicle is set up correctly to limit the risk of back, neck or shoulder problems. Interventions are very often low cost but of enormous and immediate benefit to the user.


Making yourself or your work force ergonomically comfortable in a vehicle will not only reduce the risk for pain, aches and strain, but will also make for a better day at work and enhance safety whilst in the vehicle.  

Nordic Rehab will help you achieve a healthy and enjoyable vehicle ride.


So get in touch today and find out how we can keep you or your work force comfortable on the road.

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