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 Improve Employee’s Health & Well-being | Enhance Productivity | Save Time & Money



Are you and your staff tired of long waiting lists to see a physiotherapist through the NHS? Is your sickness absence high or would you like to lower it? Do you have several staff that are struggling with aches, pains, joint and muscle problems? Would you like your organisation to move forward and look after the well-being of your valuable staff?


With our Nordic Rehab onsite physiotherapy service (covering Solihull and Birmingham) we will establish a physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre within your business. We will see injured people immediately, so that assessment and treatment can start quickly and injuries recover faster. We will work with you and your employees to lower your absence rates, and reduce aches, pains, joint and muscle problems among your staff.


There is no longer any need to have GP notes to sign people off work or to return to work. Nordic Rehab will take care of this and ensure your organisation is compliant with current health and safety legislation.


Put simply, more of your staff stay at work, rather than needing to take time off.


Back pain, neck issues, sprained ankles, rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgeries, arthritis… the list goes on. Nordic Rehab are specialists at treating and rehabilitating these problems!


  • Do staff working at your organisation struggle with aches and pains - at work or at home? 

  • Do you have an ageing workforce? 

  • Are you looking for somebody to help you drive organisational wellness? 

  • Are you tired of getting sick notes signed by GP’s that do not understand the roles your staff undertake?

  • Want to support your employees at work? 

  • Are your staff tired of long waiting lists in order to be seen by a NHS Physiotherapist? 

  • Would you like better control on your sickness absence?

  • Would you prefer to have the knowledge that you and your staff were seen by and under the care of experienced and specialist physiotherapists?

  • Are your staff an important asset and vital to the success of your trade?  

  • Are you interested in lowering your insurance costs and lost time costs?

  • Want to improve productivity and well-being at work?

If the answers to any of the above questions is Yes then you need to get in touch with us!  We would love to work with you to help you, your staff and your organisation grow and save money.


Early Intervention Assessments 

The sooner somebody with any discomforts is referred to our OH physiotherapy service the better. This means that we can start treatment or give simple advice to ensure that a niggle fully recovers before it becomes an actual problem. This is the same case for acute injuries, whether an ankle, neck or back problem. They all recover more quickly with rapid corporate physiotherapy input. 

Phone Consultations 

If somebody is off work with an injury, we get in touch with them over the phone as soon as we can. The sooner we can start the correct management and treatment, the faster people see recovery - and the faster people are able to return to work.


Physiotherapy Assessment 

Our assessment involves talking over the problem in some detail, and then we will test the injury to fully understand diagnosis. When a diagnosis has been established, we move onto identifying the best form of treatment based on functional activity you want to undertake. With occupational physiotherapy, getting back to work and normal duties will always be part of the objective.


Physiotherapy Treatment

The tool box for treatment options is large! We can tailor the treatment to your needs and condition to ensure rapid recovery. To maximise recovery your rehabilitation program will always incorporate exercises you can do in and outside of work. This means that you will not need to have lots of face to face physio appointments, but will have the knowledge to how to fix your own issue. This saves time, money and a lot of unnecessary stress and discomfort.  

Functional Capacity Assessments

Based on our physiotherapy assessment, we will know what a person should and should not do to aid their recovery. Most of the time we can incorporate this knowledge into work activity. Most problems get better more quickly with some form of normal functional activity. So this means - with the guidance of Nordic Rehab - that most people will be able not only to remain at work, but to get better at work (!) whilst carrying out suitable work duties. 


Work Fitness Reports (WFR)

Where necessary, Nordic Rehab will write simple and sensible work fitness reports to inform employer and management how to manage the employee at work to aid their recovery. This may mean that the employee will need to do some adapted duties for a short while, or we will offer other sensible solutions to the issue.

The above forms the baseline of what we provide from a clinical perspective. However, in addition to this, Nordic Rehab also carries out work-place assessments, capability assessments, ergonomic assessments, vehicle assessments, DSE assessments and manual handling assessments

Why not give us a call to talk through how we can help you or maybe you are interested in a free clinic day. We would love the opportunity to show you what we can do for you.

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