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 Improve Employee’s Health & Well-being | Enhance Productivity | Save Time & Money


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It is vital to keep your staff healthy at work and meet the requirements set out in the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. We cover all types of organisations in Solihull and Birmingham.

Health risks to employees include: 

  • Extensive car travel

  • Increased length of work shift or overtime

  • Long periods of computer use

  • Long periods of sitting still

  • Manual handling

  • Repetitive tasks

  • Shift work - particularly night shifts.


Manual Handling  

Lifting, carrying, lowering, repetitive upper limb tasks, varying load weight, pushing, pulling… we will educate your staff on the safest ways to carry out these procedures using evidence based methods. Our SC-Method manual handling courses are consistently marked as excellent by our customers and are always tailored to the individual organisation.

Manual Handling and Workplace Physio


Manual handling is simply the moving of items. This can be lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing or pulling. These actions always carry risk of injury and strain. Factors increasing this risk are  

  • The amount of times you are lifting an item

  • Carrying an item and the distance you are doing so

  • Where you are picking the item up from (floor / shelf etc) 

  • Where you are putting the item down (floor / shelf etc)

  • Posture while handling item (twisting, bending, reaching, crouching etc)

  • The readiness of your body to handle an object. 

We will educate your staff in the understanding and essential skills to prevent risk and damage to backs, necks, shoulders, joints, ligaments and the whole musculoskeletal system.  

Posture and Movement Education 

These are two key components in preventing musculoskeletal disorders and discomfort. Nordic Rehab will empower employer and employee in how to prevent a toxic build up of discomfort both at work and in every-day life. 

  • We will take you through the principles and development of posture and how to keep posture correct whether sitting, standing or walking.

  • We will look at what is affecting your staff (posture-wise) and how to address and improve it.

  • We will help you implement and encourage excellent postural habits in yourselves. 

  • Watch as your staff walk taller and their energy levels increase tenfold.

  • We will train your staff in simple exercises, which - if done regularly - will significantly reduce the risk of having musculoskeletal injuries and pain in the future.   


Display Screen Equipment Training


Nordic Rehab will train your staff in perfectly setting up their own workstations, exceeding current DSE Regulations (1992).

We focus on providing a practical and innovative approach, built upon our evidence based SC method, to ensure that your staff gain a deeper understanding in how to prevent work related discomfort at their computer work station.

Our specialist ergonomics physiotherapists will train members of your team to assess for themselves and advise on ways to combat the above risks. Nordic Rehab will enable and empower your team to promote changes such as:

  • Adjustment of chairs and desks

  • Arranging working desk space

  • Stressing the importance of correct posture

  • Taking breaks and regulating changes of activity

  • Adjustment and filtering of screens and lighting

  • Risk assessments

  • Reporting problems - having a procedure in place

  • Carrying out simple and regular exercises to keep back, neck and shoulder pains at bay long term.


Our packages will reduce injury risk in your workplace, sprains, joint pain, muscle strains and headaches will all be diminished. Absenteeism will be reduced and staff morale will be increased. Productivity will be enhanced. Trained staff will have a larger skill set to utilise. 

Our excellent courses are carried out by inspiring, experienced and ergonomically trained chartered physiotherapists. We will ensure you are fully compliant with HSE guidelines. Our packages are completely bespoke and a combination of appropriate areas can be interlinked for maximum benefit as well as being cost-effective for you. Refresher courses are also available. 



We are flexible, innovative and will offer you a cost-effective package.  If you would like to see what we can do for you, please give us a call on 0121 247 6181 or send us an email at

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