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Physio and the elderly

Hi, you may be reading this for yourself or thinking and wondering about a loved one.

For older people, the effects of ageing can creep up. Stability and balance decreases and mobility slowly becomes limited. The less active the person is the more there is the risk of a fall. Falling can cause serious injuries, but can also mean a loss of confidence, resulting in the person staying in, staying sedentary, limiting mobility, and therefore decreasing fitness and strength. Sadly, this is a vicious circle.

It is so, so important for elderly people to keep as active as possible. Maintaining muscle strength and tone will help you keep your independence and lifestyle for as long as possible. Here are a few things Nordic Rehab recommend:

Exercise, exercise, exercise. Active, active, active. Walking, swimming, gardening, housework … anything requiring mobility counts. Make your day to day life as full of movement as possible.

Maintaining balance is vital to avoid falls and keeping yourself strong and active will give you the best chance of avoiding falling. Make sure your footwear fits correctly and is supportive enough for you.

Start appropriate exercise classes. Your motivation will be increased and there will also be a positive social benefit.

Walking Aids – do you use a stick or a frame? Are you managing without, but only just? Sometimes older people will resist using an aid for many reasons. It is imperative to keep walking however, so, please look into the different aids that are available. We can help you choose the right aid, and our therapists will communicate with you respectfully and with empathy.

Keep your mind busy. Your mind is a muscle which needs to be used as much as possible. Crosswords, puzzles, radio plays, colouring and drawing, companionship, animal care, reading … anything you enjoy and find engaging will do the trick.

Get a decent amount of sleep and stick to a healthy bedtime and morning rising routine.

The above are general and well established ideas and methods to keep fit and healthy. Nordic Rehab Ltd do not know your, or your loved one personal situation and circumstance. Therefore you will have to make your own decision whether it applies to you and whether it is safe for you to follow the above guidelines. Please take care to follow the advice of practitioners that you may be under. If you are uncertain whether the above guidelines may be beneficial for you – please talk to your GP. Take care to carry out all exercise within your comfort level, and seek medical advice immediately if you are feeling unwell during or after exercise or activity.

Nordic Rehab specialise in helping people who suffer with neurological conditions such as stroke or Parkinson’s. These are neurological conditions which occur when there is a problem with the central nervous system. These conditions have a huge impact on mobility, making the muscles weak or tremor and causing stiffness.

We also offer falls and mobility rehabilitation for those who may be struggling after a fall or a hospital stay.

We are flexible and are happy to visit and give you a session (or two) of exercises targeting your personal co-ordination and core strength, which will help educate you and keep you in as good shape as possible.

Now the reassuring bit - our physiotherapists are experienced, professional, DBS checked and registered with the CSP and the HCPC. We visit our clients at home, removing the pressures of travel, and will tailor the treatment and rehab plan to our client’s specific situation and personal goals.

If you think we could help you or a loved one, please give us a call.

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