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Welcome to Nordic Rehab Ltd!

We are a family team of chartered and specialist physiotherapists based in Solihull, with a wide range of experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of acute and chronic conditions.    

We work privately and our first class physiotherapy services cover Solihull and local areas.

Our physiotherapists will come to your home or your workplace to provide you with the rehabilitation you need. So, no need for travel, we will come to you!

Not sure if we are the physios for you?
Here's what some of our clients would like to tell you ....


This client remains a pleasure to work with ...

I have been absolutely delighted with Kate, both as a physiotherapist and a person. She has worked wonders with me, being hardly to walk when she first started to now being able to walk up and down stairs - albeit somewhat slowly coming down. She has worked hard at getting muscles back, and I know I would not have reached the point I have without her firm guidance and encouragement. I really look forward to her visits, even if some of the exercises are a bit hard for me to do, she is always positive and helpful

This recent and genuine review says it all really .. 


Kate from Nordic Rehab has been able to come to my home which has been a great help. She has excellent communication and listening skills and has identified issues and prescribed the best physical therapy treatment for my needs and abilities. She has also kept me motivated on the stroke recovery. I would highly recommend Nordic Rehab.


This client has done so well and shown incredible and unrelenting determination. We understand that their partner calls this determination something else instead!


When I came home from hospital I could barely totter across the lounge, and most of my left side didn't work, with bad pains in my shoulder. I couldn't shower, dress myself, and ate like a jJCB, the stairs were hard, and I kept falling asleep in the chair all the time. When it became clear that the NHS physio wasn't going to happen, we cast around for a private physio that I could work with. Kate specialises in stroke patients, and when we first met I thought 'YES this could work'. We agreed to meet once per week, and I found Kate  to be kind, optimistic, and positive and generally cheered me up, she encouraged  me to  endure the tedium of at least 2 hours per day of exercises. Also she explained why various muscles didn't work and what the exercises aimed to do. she  also arranged FES that really sorted my shoulder, but she did work me hard.


12 months on I can walk 3 or 4 miles, do odd household chores eg vacuuming, prepare light lunches, do washing up and drying non fragile things shower, dress, tie laces and fasten shirt cuffs. am getting back to normal. My strength and stamina are returning. Kate was good for me both physically and Mentally. Thank you Kate



Here is an outline of an experience with us ... there are lots of elements in this situation which we hear frequently ... if this sounds familiar, please get in touch, we can help.

I first sought some support after mum came out of hospital following a bout of pneumonia. As is common, mum had lost confidence, strength, stamina during her illness and her balance was poor. I knew that skilled physiotherapy could help mum regain some of her lost condition, I also knew that doing nothing might mean that this poorer condition became the ‘new normal’  

I was therefore delighted that Kate was able to come and work with mum. 

The improvement that we saw in mum was fairly rapid. Indeed mum so enjoyed the sessions that we have carried on. 

I was frequently attending mums home when the falls alarm activated. This now happens hardly at all. Kate has taught mum how to take a few steps backwards. This is a big deal because it means that mum can catch her balance when she starts to wobble BEFORE she falls over. 

Mum enjoys the variety of equipment that Kate introduces her too. The wobble board was her nemesis but she is proud of being able to step on and off with help now. 


Thanks to the work mum does with you her balance, strength and stamina are better than they have been in ages. GP team very happy with mum too. 


I really believe it is making a significant contribution to keeping mum out of hospital. 

We read so much about the exceptional winter pressures expected this year. 

I feel it is very much to the benefit of the NHS we keep mum home and of course to mum herself


Nordic rehab are easy to communicate with too which is helpful for carers to share concerns and delights ! 

It has been our pleasure to work with this client ...


Lasse from Nordic Rehab provided a very professional service in my own home.  He is knowledgeable experienced and helped a lot with my knee problem.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to others.


The team were delighted to receive this one ...

I don’t have the words to say thank you. We are all so happy with the support you are giving mum and the progress she is making. I thank you from the bottom of my heart

And recently we were told ....

Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to motivate my Dad, especially when it comes to him doing any exercise. It has been difficult to find the right physiotherapist for my dad, one who is patient with him but knows when to push him a little harder.


While he still grumbles from time to time, since meeting Kate he does it with a smile. He seems to enjoy his physio sessions a little more and jokes how Kate works him really hard. Recently Dad mentioned he has noticed a slight improvement when lifting his feet when walking. 


Kate has developed a good relationship with my dad and he does seem to trust Kate.


As a daughter living in a different region from my dad, Kate’s updates after each sessions are thorough and informative. Thank you for making the extra effort to go above and beyond, it truly is appreciated.

Someone else said this ...

'What was music to me was hearing him tonight say ' i want to play golf again and shes going to help me see if i can'. I can't begin to tell you how much golf meant to him. It saddened me just 8 weeks ago to hear he had decided to give it up ... 'i'm cancelling my membership' he said! Today, he told me he's keeping the basic one, just in case he can get back to it.'

'My dad has hope and is happier once again!'

And another said ....

I have been really pleased with your work and support, Mom really “warmed” to you.  Will be in touch if we need a refresher in the future.

Adam Thompson
Knowledge and Learning Business Partner of Legal Ombudsman

Lasse has worked with us for a number of years now. He’s a positive and friendly guy that provides a thoroughly professional service. We can’t thank him enough.

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