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The benefits of home physio

Physiotherapy helps a person recover lost movement following injury or disability. Under a physiotherapist’s guidance, the patient is actively involved in their recovery plan. Its 100% teamwork.

At Nordic Rehab we visit our clients at their homes. We believe there are lots of advantages to home visiting as opposed to clinic appointments. We will take you through some of things we have found in our years of practising.

Our initial assessment is the foundation of the rehabilitation we will recommend for you. This assessment needs to be as thorough and precise as possible. When we carry this out at your home, we are able to physically see the bed you are struggling with, the chair that is difficult, the stairs that are a problem. By seeing them (rather than an in-clinic description) we are able to tailor our advice, our recommendations, the rehab plan, advise replacements, involve occupational health and speak to your family members or carers.

When you tell us that your first goal is to be able to be able to perform a functional task independently, we are able to see exactly what you want to be able to do, we can tailor your treatment to head straight towards that goal and then keep it evolving. When you tell us that your next goal is to be independently mobile, we are behind you all the way.

Nordic Rehab rehabilitation exercises will take place in your kitchen, going up your stairs, getting in and out of your front door, your garden, the pavement outside your house. This is of course, case dependent, but we want to describe how we will use your home environment to your absolute advantage. Using real life scenarios as rehab has huge benefits, your confidence will increase as you achieve and make progress in ‘real life’ plus your rehabilitation will become part of your daily routines and you will see results quickly.

We will of course bring equipment with us and may leave you various pieces to work with, but Nordic Rehab take a holistic approach and where possible, we want your rehabilitation to naturally and seamlessly become part of your life.

Maybe you have suffered a musculoskeletal injury? Maybe you are struggling with a neurological diagnosis? There are a huge range of reasons why our clients contact us, but one thing they all have in common is stress and anxiety. The effects of your condition coupled with modern living can be a huge pressure. Let us take some of that burden by visiting you at home. There is no need to worry about travel and being on time for an appointment, we will do that for you. We find that visiting the client at home means the client is more relaxed and we are able to have an honest conversation about their condition and goals. We want to get to know you and deliver your treatment in the way that is right for you. We are very happy to meet and educate family members too, if they would like to be involved in your rehabilitation.

Last but by no means least, sessions with a physiotherapist are hard work and can be very tiring. At the end of your session with us, there is no need to make the journey back, you are in the comfort of your own home. Time for a relax and a well earned cup of tea.

Please be assured, our physios are prompt, polite, DBS checked and registered with the CSP and the HCPC.

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