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Its the little things

An Achievement

‘a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill’


Happy New Year

Running alongside their goals, our clients also have an impressive list of achievements.

When we first visit our clients, we will talk to them about their goals, these will often be quite large .... to walk, to stand, to sleep upstairs (in short, to return to how life was before).

We will never dismiss a goal, but its important to break the goal down into smaller pieces and work towards those, one at a time.

For example, there are exercises you can do sitting over the edge of the bed, that will help you be able to stand (when that time comes). Completing those exercises, and getting better and stronger at them will be a stepping stone nearer to standing.

Here are some fantastic achievements that we have seen in the recent months. These weren’t necessarily ever goals, just positive improvements to everyday life, that happened along the way.

Dry feet after showering

Walk to barbers and get a haircut

Walk to post a letter

Empty the dishwasher

Pour two equal glasses of wine (this is our personal favourite – should be on everyone’s list!)

Use a computer and phone (finger dexterity)

Navigate the living space (using frame) independently

Wipe down the kitchen surfaces

To use the toilet (with assistance)

To cut down the carer calls to two a day (from four)

Access local and appropriate exercise classes

For the carers to be able to use the Sara Stedy rather than the hoist for their calls

Put the bins out (our second favourite!)

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