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The Journey

In Norway we have a rhyme 'Ut paa tur, aldri sur'… which means 'going out for a journey (like a walk in the mountain or at sea), but never sad'. The journey at that point is unknown, but we greet it with optimism and open arms.

Of course, what is not to like about a trip out to the mountains or the sea, and how easy to greet with open arms. But the point is the unknown lurks on the journey and historically the mountains and the sea would pose many dangers.

Here at Nordic Rehab we see a different type of journey, we see rehabilitation from stroke and head injury, we see patients adapting to life with Parkinsons and COPD, we see patients making strides forward after falls and surgery.

These journeys at the very least are daunting, And sad. And frustrating. Recovery time is unique and can be lifelong. We will help you with techniques and ideas, encouragement and care. But the courage you will need is your own.

The Persian poet Rumi wrote:

It’s your road, and yours alone.

Others may walk it with you

But no one can walk it for you.


Nordic Rehab would be proud to walk it with you.

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